Phuket’s Finest Health Club Releases Three New Fitness Exercise Classes this Month

RPM Health club is committed to developing a world class training timetable for their members, and this month introduced three new fitness exercise classes for RPM Health Club members and their guests to enjoy.

Each class is unique and offers different health and wellness outcomes so members can select which class will help them obtain their health and fitness goals.


RPM Health Club Where You Belong!

Phuket’s Finest Health Club

RPM Health Club is positioned to be Phuket’s Finest Health Club open to Phuket residents and guests interested in improving their health, fitness and Phuket lifestyle. We invite you to come and visit RPM Health Club so that you see and feel why members love coming into their health club each week.

We guarantee you will be impressed with the club layout, design features and the price. We offer a luxurious training and social environment divided into eight different training zones for the same Monthly Dues asked for by mass market low-end clubs. Are you looking for a quality environment to improve your Phuket lifestyle, health and fitness? Would you like a reputable club with qualified trainers always on hand to help you? Please feel free to come and visit us anytime.

Enrolling as a RPM Health Club member is orientated on traditional membership clubs where enrolled members enjoy a personalized experience every time they visit their club. Members are served by happy, competent staff and surrounded with like-minded individuals all striving to improve their health, well-being and quality of life in Phuket.

Hello, My name is AMY, membership manager at RPM Health Club. If you have any quick question to ask regarding our club, please feel free to contact me via form below. Thank you!

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