…But I kind of hoped it would be. So in just over a week, I have done 2 body pump classes (I couldn’t move for 4 days after the first one), 2 spin classes, cripes, they’re difficult, much more challenging to what I am used to, and two sets of an induction with a personal training session. The latter was split into two to focus on push and pull days. This makes sense to me, if I knew I had to push and pull weights for the best part of two hours a few times per week I would certainly find it hard to make the time in my schedule.

So as the old adage goes, “No pain no gain”, I get it, I have spent the last week stiff as a board. However, after the gym fitness assessment last week, or lack of it I should say, I am also secretly, or not so secretly as I am telling you, disappointed with my general overall level of unfitness. I thought I was a little fitter than this, but I guess one month away working in the UK and the U.S with a cider-fuelled Glastonbury Festival in the middle, has certainly taken it’s toll on my waistline and energy levels.

So what is the remedy to my feeling of malady? I am not quite sure; I am going to speak to Hayden. He is the expert on nutrition at the club and is know around Phuket as the ‘go to guy’ regarding health and fitness. So hopefully he will steer me down the path of righteousness and bursting energy.

I am still the new kid in the class at the gym, it really does feel like joining a new school. so many new faces (and a few familiar ones) new levels of fitness to aspire to and i have to say, I am so happy with my decision to join Phuket’s RPM Health Club as a member. The classed feel like a group effort and the instructors are refreshingly engaged in what they’re doing. So far, I am impressed.

So, this week, I am sharing with you the results from my induction. It seems that the main goal is to bring my body fat percentage down. We didn’t talk about weight goals, possibly because there are other benchmarks to achieve rather than weight loss. I wan to be strong to feed off illness and live until I am 180, so I guess with the new strength training regime losing excdss kilos will inevitably happen. Right? I’ll keep you posted.